I Need Discipline!

Wow, there’s a post title that needs to be uttered carefully and in the right company!

I have been working hard to be more productive but have not been achieving much. Recently, I saw a post about being disciplined to be productive.

As is often the way, I mulled on this concept, and now, on Sunday evening, I am agreeing with the concept.

On Saturday morning my wife was bothered by all the things she had to do this weekend, so as a family, we all contributed to a paper list of things we needed to get done. Each of these was achievable by Sunday evening.

As I relax now on Sunday evening, with our list all but done, I think these were the key points;

  • Communication – we were all involved in making the list of things to do.
  • Accountability – writing and sharing a list meant we were all keen to see the progress and were able to identify which tasks were assigned to us.
  • Encouragement – we were able to encourage each other (or in the childrens’ case share when their brother sat down or sloped off, made sure everyone knew!)
  • SMART tasks – all of the things we wanted to do were specific, measurable and achievable
  • DIscipline – it would have been easy to have drifted off and done something else or to have part done tasks (one of my personal weaknesses). It took a lot of energy to stay on task and to complete one thing before starting another. And to see a task through to the end.

So hopefully this brief anecdote will give you inspiration to tackle some of your family chores together. At the very least, checkout the article which prompted me to reflect on our successe

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