Warning Signs in your Cafe!

We all know that a cafe, food bar or restaurant in a castle, museum or theme park will make the most revenue by providing a quality offer in a pleasant environment.

Here is a list of warning signs you can easily remedy should you find them at your place;

  • Sausages rolls with 13% “meat”
  • A long queue
  • Ready meals like in your local boozer
  • Carton sandwiches from yesterday
  • Plastic jiggers of milk
  • Walkers crisps (again, like the local boozer)
  • Sausages with 38% “port extract”
  • Fruit juices made from concentrate
  • Post mix pop in paper cups
  • Cash and carry branded sachets of ketchup
  • Coffee machines with powdered coffee and/or milk
  • Microwaved pasties or pasties
  • Scones that are none-too fresh
  • Refrigerated cake, full of stodge
  • A salad bar where the salad is flagging – let’s keep it fresh, folks!
  • Chicken, that has flown in on a plane
  • A super fatty child offer, with free chips
  • Plastic (cutlery especially)
  • Pots of no-name jam
  • “No babies, please”

If you need me to explain these to you, there is almost certainly room for you to make improvements. There are no excuses or “but…” which can pass the muster here.

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