Each week I read all of the messages sent to this site. Sometimes I respond by creating a new post or tapping reply and getting in touch.

I really appreciate your feedback.

Readers often get in touch and ask similar questions, so I have published the most popular here.

Can you give me specific advice?

At the moment I am unavailable for paid projects but will do my best to reply to any messages.

Where do I start to grow my revenue?

Start with the data. If you don’t have that, start to track visitors, spend, what they buy, when they buy it and build from there.

Which is your favourite place to visit?

That’s a very interesting question – my answer is, it depends! In summer, I love the outdoors but give me history over thrills and spills every time!

What do you know, anyway?

Well, I have worked in a range of roles and delivered success in each, particularly around ticketing, retail, catering venue hire and events.

What was your best day at work?

Sampling locally made ice creams, all day!